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Best lifting/shred app. Period.

Awesome app. Tried many workout apps but this one is second to none. I workout early in the am and by myself but this helps me stay on track and motivates me to do the cardio and shred. Absolutely love it.

Ristvedt87, 04/12/2019 (Apple App Store)


Excited to work out again

This app has essentially reinvented the wheel for me…I knew how to lift but I was doing the same workouts over and over. This app provides awesome, dynamic, and effective work outs. 100% worth it. It has honestly changed my life by getting me back in the gym and being excited again about lifting.

SpencerBre, 09/29/2019 (Apple App Store)


Most likely the best workout app out there

I've tried many workout apps, but none like this one. Every exercise with demonstrations. And even has alternative replacement workouts. It also has the option if you're at the gym. Or if you don't have any weights. I am very satisfied with this app. And I've never written a review before. 5 stars for sure.

Game errr, 03/12/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best workout app ever!!

I have been trying many workout apps, literally every top strength workout app. Shred has been the most effective app for me. Workouts are pretty intense and you’ll definitely see visible differences in just a couple of months.

suhaskrish, 08/13/2019 (Apple App Store)


SHRED lit a fire under my a**

This app is LEGIT. I’ve been working out consistently for years doing martial arts, CrossFit, running, yoga and classic weight training. This is by far the best standard programming I’ve received from an app. I love the buddy workout feature and the overall ease of the app. It’s very natural to navigate my way around everything. I look forward to my workouts every day, which is something that’s been lacking the last few months. Thank you for all the hard work that was put into making this app. I love sharing it!

MelodyT84, 08/13/2019 (Apple App Store)


First Time

So after downloading several fitness app before and not really enjoying them I decided to give Shred a try! From the first message from my trainer I knew I was going to enjoy it! The workouts and instructions were super easy to follow! Will definitely be using this app and recommending it to my family, friends and clients!

Angel Agramonte, 08/15/2019 (Apple App Store)


Amazing fitness app

I’ve been using shred for about 4 months now and I am super impressed with my results. My time working out and meals have not changed. All I changed was the way I was working out and I’ve never seen more definition. I’m down 12 lbs but more than that I feel tighter and toned all over. Super happy with this app and can’t wait to see what I look like in the next 30 days.

Dorkeldee, 04/11/2019 (Apple App Store)


Workout app that makes you want to sweat!

The real testament to how great this app is was the fact that I will probably spend the money on the subscription! This is by far the best workout app that I have had so far. Yes, it may not have as of an extensive exercise library as some but the quality and ease of it all makes it worth it. Being able to choose a set of alternatives, choose your intensity level, and choose the category of your workout based on your goals was awesome. Also having the timers integrated into the workouts and being able to add the weight you were using as you went along makes it so easy to use. The only suggestions that I would make would be to allow the user to go back to the previous exercises in order to add the weight they used. I kept on forgetting to do it and had to even do a workout restart in order to add them. Also adding a feature so that you can change your rep and set scheme would be useful. Other than that, as long as y’all keep adding to the exercise database this app will only get better even without my suggestions.

OfcBoyd, 04/23/2019 (Apple App Store)


This is pretty stinkin great!

There are so many different workout variations that you can choose from, yet they make it so easy to follow. The way it’s set up creates an extremely motivation app and I always leave the gym wanting to go right back for the next one. I have probably tried 10-12 different workout/gym/health apps and this is by far the best.

Marsnhoffer, 07/16/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best workout I have ever had

There are so many different workout variations that you can choose from, yet they make it so easy to follow. The way it’s set up creates an extremely motivation app and I always leave the gym wanting to go right back for the next one. I have probably tried 10-12 different workout/gym/health apps and this is by far the best.

Adam B K, 06/04/2019 (Apple App Store)


Life changing

I love this app. I had no where to start and was (still am) scared of the gym. This app is so detailed and thorough and I’ve only used it for a few weeks and notice a difference. I’m excited for the new updates specifically the dumbbell body weight exercises. So many different options. Love love love it!

danielle_n89, 08/12/2019 (Apple App Store)


Awesome Workout!

I love this app! I was fortunate enough to be part of the beta and to see what this app has become is nothing short of amazing.

I’m one of those guys who has worked out since I was younger, and usually do the same type of old school movements that I’ve always done. That starts to get a little boring and honestly, I find that I hit a plateau where I’m simply not growing as much as I want. The cool thing about this easy to follow app is that you basically are getting all the knowledge of a professional trainer without having to pay those personal trainer fees. It’s easy to set up, and you can program workouts to your liking and skill level. I love the fact you can choose a gym workout or body weight workout. It offers new movements that I never have done before and Adam Summer (who is your personal trainer) takes you through the whole thing. Once I did just one workout, I noticed that I’m really utilizing different muscle groups in a way that I never would if I did my old school regular workouts on my own. It’s definitely a pretty hardcore workout (although you are able to choose your skill level and how hard you want it to be.

Bottom line is that if you want a personal trainer experience without paying huge personal trainer fees, then this app is something I’d recommend. If you want real results, give this a try and stick with it. This app makes it really easy, so all you need to do is follow it and put in the work. It’s that good!

Works_1, 12/08/2018 (Apple App Store)


GOAT / Greatest Of All Time

All I’ll say is I have never even come close to considering paying for an app subscription until now.

I’ve also never come close to using these cliche words but I’ll do it now anyway..

“This app changed my life”.

P.S. As a graphic designer I can safely say that this is one of the more functional apps in the fitness app collection.

nicknametakeney, 06/06/2019 (Apple App Store)


By far THE best fitness App

I have been into physical fitness in one form or another my entire life. Competitively swimming, weight lifting, and running have been staples of mine. I have tried to find and easy to use app to track my workouts and coach me on those days that I don’t have the motivation to create my own workout. This app is perfect for both. I have highly recommended it to fellow athletes.

Lillaaay, 06/07/2019 (Apple App Store)


Wonderful App

I usually don’t write reviews for apps but I had to for this one. I’ve been looking for an app that presents workouts for me to do in a clear and easy fashion and this app has completely delivered on all accounts. I really commend the developers. Everyone looking to get in shape should download this app!

Elidash, 08/12/2019 (Apple App Store)


Live to Shred

I’ve never had a workout program that I loved more or stuck to more than this. Fun, easy to use, and always an awesome Challenge. It’s taken me from timid gym goer to a confident gym lover.

UNCSA Fan, 04/11/2019 (Apple App Store)


Love it!!!

I’ve been telling myself for 10 years post college that I would finally commit to getting the body an athlete in the prime of his primordial existence should have. I wanted to be a warrior at the gym , I wanted to be a beast and do it alone.

I never wanted a trainer, I never wanted the small talk, the feeling of being somebody’s pay check. Shred gave me the keys to the castle. I have workouts that not only are the best in the gym BUT workouts where at least a few people ask me where I got my workout every single time, including trainers. The workouts are dynamic, athletic and efficient no matter what style you use.

I try to alternate between four different syles over the course of the year, LeanX and Crossshred when I’m in absolute beast mode and want to up my anaerobic and muscular conditioning . These styles have athletic work, and isolation work. I also do Bulk and Classic to focus more on iso and hypertrophy training for really working on muscle density. I also do my Shreds at the end of the workout to stay as chiseled as possible.

Shred has allowed me to kill it with the ladies, finally! Like a serious change that I’ve never had. I’ve never been the guy with the abs, but I really am now. I’m not cocky now I’m just confident and I guess happy. My job is not that amazing in a lot of ways and so Shred is finally something to look forward to at the end of the day .

hkmtrainer, 12/04/2018 (Apple App Store)


Game changer

I’ve known Adam Summer since we were in university, and he has always had a special understanding of fitness. When I found out he wanted me on the beta test a year ago I was excited to try it out. I was blown away.

I’m honestly addicted to the app to the point that it frustrates me obsessively if I missed a workout or don’t have time to do my shreds, I need my stats! I need my color blocks and my rising orange diagonal line on my stat sheet.

The workouts are second to none, and I’ve used trainers and in retrospect our workouts seemed so weak in comparison. More so my trainers gave me two workouts a week but now I have a PATH and a PLAN.

The workouts have an unbelievable flow , moving seamlessly from exercise to exercise , from circuit to circuit, the rest is timed out and the videos and tips are pertinent and clear. Ohhhh and the quotes inspire me and keep from texting during the rest BUT also if I do get off the app for a quick bit in between exercises I get a pop up reminder to get back on the app when the rest is over.

I’m just so into this app man, I can’t explain all of what is in one review. But thanks Adam and the team at Shred

Nickname11111qwe, 12/01/2018 (Apple App Store)


Love it!

Great App, so far used it once. I manage a heath club and I sometimes find it hard to workout and l get in a bad habit to the things normally that I would do in High School or Military days. This apps makes you different things at your level and keeps you going rather then scratching your head on what to do next. Also seeing your completed workouts! Again save you so much time and confusion!

joecoolz28, 04/28/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best Workout App Ever

As a former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete, I always had trouble knowing what exact exercises to do on my own. This app has everything you need for any goals you set for yourself whether it’s to bulk up, lean out, or just shed some weight. Easy to use and keep track of your goals. Highly Recommend 10/10

Brasilprasempre, 05/09/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best workout app I’ve tried

The workouts are challenging but not crazy. Very Clean layout of the app. Pushes me like no app I have tried. There are some decent gym apps out there but 3 weeks in this is by far my favorite!

bbmfBryce, 04/11/2019 (Apple App Store)


Takes the guess work out of fitness

Grew up playing sports and relying on a coach to teach me technique, design practices and workouts, and motivate me to perform at my best. Years later, I'm happy to have found those three pillars in SHRED which helps me stay fit mentally and physically.

jonny_converse, 04/12/2019 (Apple App Store)


Great app to get toned

I have been using this app and seeing great results! This app works like a charm and following Adam through each workout feels like you have a personal trainer with you at the gym making sure you do the correct workout the correct way! Highly recommend this to stay Shredicated!

Shredicte.c0 ando, 05/15/2019 (Apple App Store)



This is my first review ever and this one is well worth it! If you need an extra push, or just some help in the gym then I recommend this app! It's great for all levels and nothing is impossible! It even comes with a personal coach that helps to push you!

Steven Andrade, 05/14/2019 (Apple App Store)


Great app!

Love it so far. Due to work schedule, I don't want to spend the time at 430am to figure out my workout. This app has provided a great plan dependent on my selections and adjusts on the fly due to changing time constraints. My request would be the option to change number of reps completed when in an exercise. The app gives you a set number of reps to be done, but if you're pushing and can't complete the whole set, there doesn't seem to be an option to adjust the number of reps actually completed. I understand that to mean they want you to adjust the weight and get the required number of reps, but I want to accurately record my workout if that occurs. Great app and keep up the awesome work!

Gregp13, 05/07/2019 (Apple App Store)



I been serving in the USMC for some time now and this is by far one of the best apps I've used the extra cardio at the end was the icing on the cake this just gave me some tips on how to slay my guys in the infantry community 0369 life

BUDDYespi, 04/30/2019 (Apple App Store)


Cranked Up My Routine

I was consistent hitting the gym but my regimen became Staup. It's crazy how much stronger and toned I've become in a couple weeks sticking to the shred routine.

LoGung, 04/07/2019 (Apple App Store)


When you’re ready to get serious!

This app is a coach whenever you want them. It takes all the guess work out of workout. No more wondering what I should do today. It hits all the body parts equally and keeps you on track to your goals. Its not easy, and its not supposed to be. I highly recommend Shred.

DJMikeA10, 04/02/2019 (Apple App Store)


Excellent workout tool

Shred has been great helping me get out of a workout rut, and prevents me getting bored of doing the same thing all the time. The workouts are hard, adaptable, and by showing your stats and gamifying working out the app motivates you to keep at it

mossyd, 03/17/2019 (Apple App Store)


Honestly the best workout app on the planet

I've written probably one review my entire life, but this app deserves 5 stars from everyone! It keeps you motivated through quotes and intense coaching! The workouts themselves never leave you bored, they switch them up a lot which I absolutely love! Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to get in shape or who goes to the gym. You won't regret it!

theAnswer04, 04/01/2019 (Apple App Store)


Love shred

Shred has been the best app and workouts of my life. I have lost 30 pounds since December and feel incredible.

megs3636, 03/30/2019 (Apple App Store)


Super good for increasing strength

I am a strong lifter and I have the discipline, but sometimes there a lack of structure that makes a workout fall apart. SHRED does a great job at creating a structured workout that 1) allows you to focus on the lifts rather than what you want to do next or how much rest you're taking and 2) provides results. I really love this app and its a great step forward with workout apps.

GZ Deathlys, 03/30/2019 (Apple App Store)



After looking for online workout programs for a few years, a friend recommended Shred. Immediately I knew this would be my go to work out app. With helpful videos of each exercise, varied regimens geared towards any type of work-out, and high customizability, this is by far the best workout program I've seen or used. The social aspects are helpful - as opposed to annoying - as you can "cheer" other people on but not in a corny sense, and your progress is tracked daily and holistically. It's fantastic and does a great job keeping my workouts on point. And fun!

Ev34ev, 03/28/2019 (Apple App Store)


The best training app!!!

I've been training for over 15 years n Shred is by far the best tool to have nearby... is pushing me to work harder and more controlled. Give it a try!!!

Spanish Gladiator, 03/26/2019 (Apple App Store)


Game changer app

This is one of the greatest fitness apps I've ever used. On my journey of becoming a pro bodybuilder someone recommended this app to me. Before using this app I was getting placed third and second place in competitions and was having trouble getting over the hump of achieving first place. After a few months of guidance from this app, I was able to achieve first place in my latest bodybuilding competition. Whatever level you're at or your just looking for some new or different variety of workouts, this app has something for you. I highly recommend giving it a try, you won't be disappointed.

The one one, 03/22/2019 (Apple App Store)



I am a certified personal trainer and this app put me through my paces!

I downloaded it because I was feeling lazy at the gym and wanted to see if I could find something that would switch it up for me.

This app far exceeded any expectation that I had, and continues to every day!

Justinmendezinc, 03/22/2019 (Apple App Store)


Life changing

Shred is the best app period. Full stop. This creates amazing workouts. Fun workouts and adaptable workouts. The community spirit is energizing. I love this app.

jam Weho, 03/22/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best Workout App Ever

I am a life long athlete who has been designing my own workouts for years. I was introduced to the Shred app by a friend at the gym and I haven't stopped using it. It serves up amazing workouts that hit every muscle group in a way that doesn't force me to research new workouts. Instead, I feel like I'm being trained by a top-notch trainer (the videos are great for form!).

vmp1972, 03/20/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best workout app

Shred is an app like no other, it pushes me 100% each time, allows you to push your friends by seeing each other's workouts and has great tutorials.

luigi dirienzo, 03/20/2019 (Apple App Store)


Amazing App

Best workout app out there. So easy to use, excellent workouts, love the social aspect of it. Nice graphics. No need for trainers anymore!!! Great for home & traveling as well as gym! Grab a friend and get moving!

DesignW, 03/09/2019 (Apple App Store)


Obsessed with Shred!

I downloaded Shred a little over 2 months ago, and I've used it almost every day since. I am completely and hopelessly obsessed with this app.

For years, I was stuck in the trap of going to the gym and just going through the motions. Growing up, I had always been an athlete with direction and purpose. But as an adult, I struggled to find the same passion in working out. I found myself doing copious amounts of cardio, and I'd just kind of make up my workouts as I went along. My heart wasn't in it, and I wasn't seeing much progress.

Then I met Shred. This app gave me back the passion and direction that I'd been searching for. The workouts are tough but fair, and I've seen more progress over the past two months than I have in the past two years. I'm so happy!!

Features I love: - Cheers: The app encourages you to cheer on friends and other users. This may seem minor, but it is surprisingly motivating and creates a positive environment.

- Leaderboard: I'm insanely competitive, so having a leaderboard really motivates me to step up my game.

- Adaptive path: I love that the app takes into account the workouts you've recently done, which then informs the next recommended workout. This particular feature makes the app stand out from other workout apps I’ve tried.

TL;DR Download Shred, embrace the workouts wholeheartedly, and get the results you’ve been craving.

mdhaiakf, 04/04/2019 (Apple App Store)


So far so good

I test a lot of exercise apps. This one is the most diverse in what type of style training you want to do. Mixes weights with calisthenics and cardio efficiently so you're not wasting time on a treadmill bored to death. I haven't used it long enough though to know if it suggests weights or not. I haven't worked through entirely so maybe it will next week. If it doesn't, that would be the only down side. Otherwise, great app to stay on track.

MDeike, 03/01/2019 (Apple App Store)


Changed my Workouts Completely

I've never written a review on any app, restaurant, or business of any kind but felt I had to write one for Shred. My workouts were getting monotonous and boring and I felt like after two months of working out I might quit. Thankfully, I found the Shred app and now I'm doing exercises I didn't even know existed. My time in the gym goes by much faster than before and the functionality of the app is unbelievable and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who may feel like they don't know exactly what to do at the gym or want to reinvigorate their workouts.

gfjrndk, 02/27/2019 (Apple App Store)


Simply the best

Best workout app ever, no comparison, this is way ahead of the competition.

Jordanp83, 05/22/2019 (Apple App Store)


Soldier approved

Actually teaches u how to do it and I felt the burn

greayeagle, 05/18/2019 (Apple App Store)


Great app to get toned

I have been using this app and seeing great results! This app works like a charm and following Adam through each workout feels like you have a personal trainer with you at the gym making sure you do the correct workout the correct way! Highly recommended this to stay Shredicated!

ShredicatedLando, 05/15/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best workout app, coming from a Personal Trainer

When my boyfriend downloaded Shred, I was skeptical. As I personal trainer I take pride in my programming and am very picky about workout apps. I started to see him and liked what he was doing so I tried it myself. It’s freaking awesome!

The movements are complex and well thought out. I will sat this app is not for beginners though. I can definitely see how many moves can be done incorrectly and cause problems but if you have a good form and are already an avid gym goin. Give it a try! I absolutely love it now for my own workouts.

kponce90, 05/31/2019 (Apple App Store)


Best app on the market!

My body looks better than it ever did and I’ve tried everything. Plus customer service is incredible! I couldn’t be happier with Shred. Thanks guys!

AugustineHargrave, 05/30/2019 (Apple App Store)


I love this app!

If you want a workout app that can kick your butt this is it. I absolutely love leaving the gym sweaty, exhausted and totally motivated all at the same time. The app is totally user friendly. It is easy to switch workouts if you want. The suggested workouts always awesome. I am definitely happy I downloaded the app. It is worth every penny!

fios wont work, 06/05/2019 (Apple App Store)



One of the eas­i­est apps that keeps me on track, videos don’t in­ter­rupt mu­sic, and the ex­er­cis­es are well picked even the al­ter­nates.

bossmanpinck, 07/17/2019 (Apple App Store)