Updated Training Design & Gym Check-In

This was an exciting update for us as we matured our main Training screen and also introduced a cool new feature. We're always looking to streamling the overall training experience, and were excited to bring a fresh iteration to this important screen.

One of the complaints we heard with our previous layout was people often didn't realize there were additional options below the fold (Custom Workout, Long Cardio, Log Activity).

After testing several iterations, we determined the optimal experience. This updated design led us to simplify our visual tracking components, which created additional lift to bring the lower options above the fold. We also added functionality into the workout card itself that allows users to navigate their choices easily by including the Training Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner with one-tap access.


In addition, we're also introducing an exciting new feature with the ability to store a barcode-style gym pass on your Training view for easy gym check-ins. This not only brings more convenience for you, but it's also pretty slick! To add your gym pass, simply scan your current pass using the SHRED app, or if you currently use a digital/app version to check-in then simply screenshot your gym pass and upload it to the SHRED app - we will setup the rest!


Additionally in 1.0.7, we fixed a few bugs and sped up some connections. We are constantly improving the overall experience, so you always get the best. Please send any issues or ideas to us at support@shred.app

Shred Labs, LLC