SHRED App Honored with 3 Awards by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

Los Angeles, CA — Shred Labs (SHRED), a market leader in digital strength training, is pleased to announce that The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) has recognized Shred Labs with 3 Gold awards for its SHRED app. Across all mobile apps, the SHRED app won Gold for Best User Experience and Best Visual Design, and additionally, won Gold within the Fitness category for Best Mobile Apps & Sites.

"After searching the market, it was clear there was no product that could truly replicate the long-term results of having a personal trainer. Having trained thousands of clients, from Hollywood celebrities to professional athletes, I knew there was no one-size-fits-all training program." said Co-Founder & Chief Training Officer, Adam Summer. "To create such a product was a massive undertaking, and required an extensive, constantly-evolving database effectively programmed so that no matter who or where you were, your next workout would be ready to go 24/7/365."


SHRED serves the entire strength training market, whether a beginner is looking to lose weight working out 3 days per week, or an advanced individual is training hard every day. The SHRED app currently has 15 training styles across Gym, Bodyweight and Cardio - covering the wide spectrum of strength training.

Since its launch in December 2018, SHRED has grown tremendously and garnered a large, passionate userbase. SHRED's highly engaged users now complete over 4 million exercises each month - making it one of the most effective strength training programs on the market.

"Beyond the training itself, our goal is to not only create the best results-driven fitness experience out there, but also build an amazing community of people who support and encourage each other every single day." said Charlie Hale, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer. "We have created a way for them to be connected with their friends while training, and to cheer them on to help push them through their workout. Social motivation is a driving force behind many of our design choices, and a key component of our offering that our members find both fun and engaging."

SHRED is on a mission to build the best digital training experience on the planet and appreciates the recognition from the The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

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About Shred Labs — Shred Labs is a market-leader in digital strength training. Its core app, SHRED, is available in 127 countries and is helping people around the world get results. With SHRED, users are provided a dynamic personal training program based on their individual goals and needs with options for gym, bodyweight and cardio training. SHRED allows users to easily track & visualize their progress, log weights & activities, and connect with friends. For more information please visit

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