New Bodyweight & Cardio Styles Added

We are thrilled to announce 2 incredible new Bodyweight training styles - Dumbbell, and Lean-X. Want even more good news? Now you can hit Cardio 3 ways with new Cardio Styles - Classic, Burn, and Hardcore.

Only have dumbbells? Our new Bodyweight Dumbbell style allows you to get the most out of your session with only dumbbells and hard work. This style mixes muscluar conditioning and development with high-intensity plyometric and dynamic anaerobic interval training. Dumbbells are used for both intense compound movements and targetted isolation work.

Bodyweight Lean-X is perfect if you have access to cardio equipment and want to incorporate a killer bodyweight workout alongside. This style combines targetted resistance isolation training, high-impact, dynamic bodyweight work, and anaerobic low-impact cardiovascular circuits. If you have access to cardio equipment like a treadmills or a bikes then you're good to go!


For Cardio Styles, we have added two new options and now call the original cardio training "Classic" (we also offer this as part of our free offering). Our new Cardio Burn style is a progressive & sustained aerobic cardio experience designed to burn fat and push your fitness to the next level. It's truly amazing. Our other new style is called Hardcore and it's a fitting name. Cardio Hardcore is a high-intensity, metabolic interval sequence designed to push your endurance and stamina. Reach your athletic peak and go hard with Hardcore!


Check out the new training styles in the SHRED app by going to the Bodyweight section.

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